May 18, 2022
Horse racing movies on Disney and Netflix

Horse Racing Movies on Disney & Netflix

Horse racing is a hugely popular sport in many areas of the world, with millions tuning in on a regular basis to witness the big races. This has increased the popularity of horse racing among filmmakers, who attempt to reproduce the past through films about gambling or about specific horses.

Let’s check out some amazing and popular horse racing movies on Disney and Netflix.

Horse Racing Movies On Disney and Netflix



  • Walk Ride Rodeo

This is one of the best inspirational horseback racing films ever made! It is based on an actual incident involving Amberley Snyder, a professional barrel racer and presently a motivational speaker. 

She was a teenager who desired to compete again following a devastating spinal cord injury. She was a barrel racer who came perilously close to death in a vehicle accident. Paralyzed from the waist down, she fought her way back to compete in her favourite sport with the help of family and a lot of physiotherapies and become a professional rider.

  • Seabiscuit

This poignant 2003 sports drama earned seven Academy Award nominations, and with reason. The storey centres on three guys — Jeff Bridges, Tobey Maguire, and Chris Cooper — who band together to rally around legendary racehorse Seabiscuit. Each is undergoing a personal crisis during the Great Depression, but Seabiscuit’s horse racing career instils a fresh sense of hope. The road to triumph has never been smooth, and the team has encountered numerous setbacks. However, they realise that abandoning the small and underappreciated Seabiscuit would mean abandoning themselves. 

So, the movie is all about their struggles in the horse racing world. Watch this movie to get extra motivation in your life.


Horse Racing Movies on Disney and Netflix


  • Secretariat

Secretariat is one of the most high-profile horse racing movies on Disney Plus, with an A-list cast (Diane Lane and John Malkovich) and a true narrative of the great racing horse that won numerous awards and races throughout his career. The film is largely focused on his owner Penny (played by Lane), who believes in her horse while no one else does. No inspirational, uplifting cliché is spared here, which can only be a good thing in the world of horse movies.

  • The Young Black Stallion

Because this 50-minute feature was shot in IMAX, some of the big screen horse action will unavoidably suffer when viewed at home. It is, however, a visual treat—it is a prequel to 1976’s The Black Stallion and follows a young girl in 1940s Africa who befriends a gorgeous black horse and must win a race to assist her grandfather. While this appears to be the narrative of 67% of horse films (including the first Black Stallion), this one does so with some excellent photography and incredible landscape to offset the predictable plot. This is a must-watch horse racing movie.

The film is based on the same-titled 1989 novel. It is Disney’s first IMAX-exclusive movie and serves as a prequel to the 1979 picture ‘The Black Stallion’. Although the original film earned an Academy Award for Best Sound Editing and received Academy Award nominations for Film Editing and Supporting Actor Mickey Rooney, it appears that Disney does not have such lofty expectations for The Young Black Stallion. According to sources, the picture was originally set for release in fall 2002, but was then pushed back to September 2003, before being shelved once more.


Horse Racing Movies on Disney and Netflix: Conclusion

These are the top horse racing movies on Disney and Netflix, which means that each of them contains at least one element of the horse racing genre whether it’s the horse racing genre’s motifs or some of the most prevalent tropes.

Whether you’re at home and want to watch these horse racing movies on DVD, Blu-ray, or streaming, or you’re seeing them for the first time in cinemas, we are definite that you will love the stories of each movie. These best horse racing movies can boost your mood and bring more love for horses.

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