August 12, 2022
Horse Racing Movies

7 Best Australian Horse Racing Movies

Horse racing, as a tradition centred on the world’s most extreme athletes, provides an endless source of inspiration for the film industry.

The best horse racing movies chronicle the exploits of legendary racehorses, whether real or fictional. They are liked by audiences of all ages and interests and are an excellent choice for an evening gathering. We have listed few best horse racing movies for all horse lovers. 

Best Australian Horse Racing Movies


Ruffian is a 2007 horse racing movie with an unfavourable conclusion. It chronicles the career of champion Thoroughbred filly Ruffian, who earned induction into the United States Racing Hall of Fame. The story Ruffian is based on true events.

In the first half of the 1970s, Ruffian dominated American horse racing. She was trained by Frank Whitely and began her career with a ten-race winning streak.

Until the 1975 match race at Belmont Park, the storey of the champion black filly seemed almost too fantastic to be true. The race, which was televised nationally, pitted the unbeaten Ruffian against Kentucky Derby winner Foolish Pleasure.

1944’s National Velvet

The National Velvet stars Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney as a little girl named Velvet Brown who feels her horse, The Pie, has enormous potential. Velvet gets to ride Pie herself after taming it, despite her inexperience. 

Although she gets disqualified from the Grand National Steeplechase, her character has encouraged other young female jockeys to pursue their aspirations. Additionally, this film received a of couple Academy Oscar nominations. Therefore, this movie must be in your watch list.

Let It Ride (1989)

Let it Ride is a family-friendly comedy film starring Richard Dreyfuss (as Jay Trotter), Jennifer Tilly (as Vicky), and David Johanson (as Looney). It centres on Jay Trotter, a man who is battling his gambling addiction. He must overcome his gambling addiction in order to save his marriage to Vicky, and so initially suffers.

Jay wagers on a horse race and wins after learning about the race’s set statistics. This film depicts the raw nature of a horse racing and the excitement felt by each horse rider. As a result of these factors, this film will appeal to everybody who has a passion for horse racing and has experienced its excitement.

Lean On Pete

It’s a tragic movie, similar to Ruffian (2007). The movie is based on the novel Lean on Pete by Willy Vilautin. Charlie Plummer as Charley Thompson and Travis Fimmel as Ray Thompson are among the cast members. 

Lean on Pete is not a phrase or a film title; rather, it is the name of a common American horse. The film begins with a youngster (Charley) rescuing a horse (Lean on Pete) from certain death and training him for horse racing. Lean On Pete, like Ruffian, dies near the end. This is a movie for individuals who enjoy sad movies as it depicts the loneliness of a 15-year-old boy.

War Horse

The plot of War Horse is based on a well-known novel and begins on a farm, where a family is running out of money. Albert Narracott lives with his father, Ted (who struggles with alcoholism), and his hardworking, loving mother, Rose.

Ted auctions a horse (Joey) in the movie, who immediately befriends Albert. Later in World War I, Joey is surrendered to the troops. Joey endures extensive training and frequently finds himself on opposing sides, such as in the hands of British or French.

This film demonstrates that when men commit acts of war, it is the animals who suffer the most. It is one of the highly emotional horse racing movies, ideal for those who are sympathetic toward horses or wish to be.

The Horse Whisperer

It is a film adaptation of Nicholas Evans’s best-selling novel. Robert Redford stars as Tom Brooker, and Kristin Scott Thinas plays Annie Mclean. The film is about a man who is dependent on a woman, a child, and a horse. 

The movie begins with a sad event in which a horse named Pilgrim is paralysed and a girl named Grace is severely hurt and requires amputation of a portion of her body. Others think the horse should be put down, but Annie informs them about a great horse whisperer who has the ability to heal the horse. Tom’s treatment of the horse is somewhat ludicrous. This horse racing movie depicts a story about adventure and the importance of treating animals with kindness.


If we were to choose a horse racing movie to recommend to our readers, it would be War Horse. The plot is compelling because it is really relatable. Perhaps the reason that all of these horse movies are entertaining is that they are based on actual stories and emotions. Watch these horse racing movies and bring your emotions back for horses.

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