May 18, 2022
Comedy Horse Race Movies

Best Comedy Horse Racing Movies

It’s simple to find excellent horse-related films. These films include those on horse adventures and those about training and employing horses. These also include beloved classics, big-budget action and epics, as well as fantastic horse racing films. Among these comedy horse race movies are top-notch.

The next best thing for horse lovers to do in their leisure time is to watch comedy horse race movies. There are several iconic comedy horse race movies with horses as the primary character, including Oscar nominations, new classics, and family entertainment.


The Best Comedy Horse Race Movies

National Velvet

The National Velvet stars Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney and is about a young girl named Velvet Brown who believes her horse, The Pie, has enormous potential. Velvet manages to ride Pie despite her inexperience after taming it. Although she was disqualified from the Grand National Steeplechase, her character encouraged a generation of young females to pursue their ambitions of becoming jockeys. Additionally, this film was nominated for several Academy Awards. You can shortlist this movie for one of the best comedy race horse movies.


Phar Lap

Phar Lap is a 1983 New Zealand-made horse film based on the real-life legendary New Zealand-bred racing horse of the same name. The movie is an amalgamation of comedy and tragedy. 

The film begins with the horse’s mysterious demise and then travels back in time to tell the inspiring story of the horse’s ascension to the top. Based on Michael Wilkinson’s novel, the film chronicles the horse’s journey from longshot to winner, with an ending that implies that unscrupulous gamblers were responsible for the horse’s demise. Towering Inferno portrayed Phar Lap in the film, and he deserved recognition for his on-set professionalism. The film’s success is due to the fact that Phar Lap was one of the most popular racehorses in New Zealand’s history, according to Museums Victoria.


Let It Ride

Let it Ride is a family-friendly comedy race horse movie starring Richard Dreyfuss as Jay Trotter, Jennifer Tilly as Vicky, and David Johanson as Looney. This movie centres on Jay Trotter, a man who struggles with his gambling addiction. He struggles initially because he needs to overcome his gambling addiction in order to save his marriage with Vicky.

Jay bets on a horse race and wins after learning about the race’s fixed statistics. This film captures the raw emotion of a horse race and the excitement felt by each horse rider. As a result of these factors, this film is extremely relatable to those who are passionate about horse racing and have experienced its excitement. Besides being a comedy movie, this movie is a bit emotional too.


Black Stallion (1979)

The Black Stallion, starring Micey Rooney, is a film adaptation of Walter Farley’s book of the same name. This is a fantastic emotional-comedy horse racing movie.

Alec Ramsey, the protagonist, is stranded on an island with his black Arabian horse. Alec earns the stallion’s trust after rescuing him from a venomous snake. Both survive on seaweed and fish from the Atlantic Ocean until the recuse arrives. Alec realizes the horse’s potential for national racing once they arrive in New York. They are, unfortunately, not able to register the Black as a contestant because of its origins.

Eventually, Alec ends up winning with a new record by riding the Black. Although the Black had a hard start, it is able to beat its competition in no time. The Black Stallion gives an overall emotional perspective of how two beings bond through time. When Alec initially rode on the Black, the horse was hesitant as a result of which Alec fell. However, near the end of the race, the Black was able to gallop till the end while bleeding severely on one of its legs, with Alec riding him.


Racing Stripes

It is a family movie that extends across a length of 1 hour 42 mins. The cast contains numerous notable personalities such as Snoop Dog (lighting), Steve Harvey (Buzz), and Frankie Muniz (Stripes) (Stripes).

The narrative starts when a lost circus plain zebra is taken care of by the Walsh family in Kentucky near a race track. Stripes always dreamt of winning a race but couldn’t participate as zebras were not allowed to race. Eventually, he races with Nolan’s support. The movie finishes with the Walsh family accepting him.

Though it is typically not a comedy horse race movie, it has all the emotions attached to horse racing tracks.



All these best comedian horse racing movies feature for its integrity, enjoyment, and creative elements. Additionally, the action should appear authentic, not staged, prescriptive or packed with cliches.

If you are a horse lover then, these comedy racehorse movies will definitely bring laughter to you. 

Anyone who loves the excitement of the track should enjoy the comedy in these best horse racing films that have been made. There is something to entertain and admire in each of these comedy racehorse movies.


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